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window cleaning, conservatory cleaning, balcony cleaning, balustrade cleaning, skylight cleaning

There is a big difference between a Builders clean and a domestic clean, the first is a thorough clean at the end of a project while the second is a light clean to a domestic property on a regular basis. Building is a messy job, especially if other trades such as the plasterers and painters haven’t used adequate protection when carrying out their works. At the end of the building and decorating process, a clean is required to make the new property or refurb presentable. In order for an after Builders clean to be effective, the site should be free from all other trades and clear of any building materials. All rubbish and debris should first be removed.

Floors, including the tiles in wet areas should be vacuumed and mopped where appropriate. Particularly dirty floors should be scrubbed cleaned and polished with a scrubber dryer buffer machine and if especially dirty or stained, carpets should be treated and washed. Ideally shoe covers would have been worn while any minor snaggings were completed or protection should remain intact but this is not always the case and so on occasion a deeper clean to flooring is required.

Shelves and surfaces should all be wiped including cupboards and cabinets inside and out and all kitchen, utility and bathroom sanitary ware, mirrors, etc. Following any building works, dust lingers in the air for quite some time and will continue to re-settle for some time after works are completed. Therefore re-cleans are often required to give a final wipe over.

A builders clean also involves all high level fittings should be wiped over – light fittings, extractors, etc. It is unlikely that they would need a deeper clean than wiping over but again dust will easily re-settle.

Windows and any other glazing should be washed via the different window cleaning method where accessible and clean off concrete splashes, tape residues, paint and plaster remains.

External gutters, soffits and fascias of new build properties should also be washed down and balconies and pathways swept.

The scope of works for a Builders clean varies and iDo Cleaning always work to the specification and requirements of our clients.

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