Kitchen Cleaning

Oven / Stove / Microwave Cleaning

We are confident that we are able to provide you with the highest quality oven, stove, and microwave cleaning service you could ever receive. We understand that cleaning an oven with regular domestic cleaning products can be extremely tough, that’s why all our team uses the exclusive eco-friendly non-toxic formulae that we’ve perfected to give your oven the deepest clean possible.

Rangehood / Filter Cleaning

The range hood is designed to extract or re-circulate air, it is in their very nature to collect grease, especially the commercial range hood filters, they will eventually need a comprehensive deep clean. We can provide you different options, from professional deep clean to replacement parts, as a new filter replacement to keep your hood working at maximum efficiency.

Refrigerator / Dishwasher Cleaning

For the food direct contact appliances like dishwasher and refrigerator, it's really important to regularly clean the appliance. For best cleaning results, we recommend that you get them deep cleaned at least once a year. Deep cleaning can keep them hygiene, improve both the lifetime and performance of your appliances.

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