Bathroom Cleaning

Toilet Cleaning / Bath Cleaning

Our deep washroom cleaning service thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all sanitary ware with specialist cleaning chemicals, ensuring all dirt and grime that harbors bacteria is removed. Also may help to prevent the production of dissolved salts that are present either alone in the water supply such as limescale or combination with uric salts.

Shower Restoration

We help the homeowners selling their house by restoring shower glass and tapware to near-new condition, and also remove the mouldy silicones to instantly bring back the value of the showers.

Our restoration services are highly recommended by real estate agents, property managers and hotel or motel owners!

Washing machine Cleaning

Failure to clean and maintain your washing machine can lead to bad odors, germs, bacteria, and mould. The drum could be covered in black mould and built-up soap scum.

We have the proper equipment and detergents to eliminate everything hidden behind.

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